Are the lights going out?

Are the lights going out?

I attended the IStructE lecture this evening on the local and national changes in energy production. I have summarised the content into general information about the national situation and then covered each of the main power generation methods. My thoughts and questions are in red.

Background information

  • The UK is on track to increase renewable electricity targets from 1.3% to 15% by 2020.
  • Companies have looked into carbon capture technologies to reduce the impact of existing power stations, however due to the Government not communicating effectively, and consistently (closing down coal power stations, changing subsidies, changing targets) these have been scrapped by the majority of energy companies. The lack of consistent policy, even within 8-10 months time frame means that companies don’t want to take financial risk in developing their technology or business. Does this mean renewable technology research and development isn’t taking place, and therefore we’re preventing future technologies from being created?
  • Power demand has dropped and is now the lowest it has been since 1995 (however as more use electric cars this will probably increase).

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