Old plastic bottles = new brick

Old plastic bottles = new brick

“Argentinian researcher Rosana Gaggino from the National Council of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) and her team designed a process that recycles discarded plastic bottles turning them into construction “ecological bricks” (ladrillos ecológicos).” Interest Engineering link

Traditional concrete blocks use sand and cement as the main constituent parts. These blocks are simply created by replacing the sand with plastic particles from ground up bottles. Approximately 20 bottles are used for each brick.

Not only does the brick help reduce landfill, it’s insulation properties are 5 times better than those of conventional bricks, helping to also reduce the consumption of insulation materials. It is also lighter, weighing 1.4 kg per brick, rather than 2.4 kg per conventional brick. Lighter buildings means smaller foundations, which again saves material. Also, could this material mean we can build in sandier soils more easily?

PET is recycled in many areas within the UK (I know Leeds city council accepts it). It would be great to see if the UK will take up the production of this item.

I wonder what it’s structural properties are? Could this become a leading alternative construction material, competing alongside concrete blocks?

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