Literally Green Buildings

Literally Green Buildings

The Bosco Verticale in Milan are literally green tower blocks. The two tower blocks are home to over 700 trees, of which there are 90 species of plant! There are sooo many benefits to this, but these are the key ones:

Passive solar / thermal design – A deciduous tree during the summer has thick foliage, providing shading. If designed well, and integrated into the overall building’s design the trees could reduce strong glare and overheating during the summer months. Equally during the winter months, when the weather tends to be more overcast the lack of leaves allows much more light and heat to enter a building. This ultimately reduces the need for lighting and air conditioning / heating.siting10

Water use – If there is a cohesive building wide strategy for water use, including biodegradable shower and cleaning products then…

So much more to read about…


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