Female STEM individuals wanted!

Female STEM individuals wanted!

Because we don’t all wear hard hats and hi-visibility jackets!

I want to profile females within STEM industries on my blog and would really appreciate as wide a variety of profiles as possible: women who are studying, technicians in their first roles within a company, those who are going for chartership and those who are chartered and are perhaps already fulfilling the jobs they had hoped they might achieve.

Ultimately I hope this will help provide a mixture of role models for women, be them girls at school all the way through to women already established within the industry. If you are interested in being featured please contact me through facebook (www.facebook.com/beckyfordblogs) or tweet me (@beckyfordtweets) and we will start creating your profile.

Questions and topics I would like to cover:

What topics did you enjoy at school and why? Was it the experimenting in science, or the problem solving in maths? Did you want a job that combined different interests such as maths and art? What attributes of the subject interested you?

Is there a broader reason for your pursuit in STEM? Perhaps you have a humanitarian interest: Do you want to design cheap, flatpack housing solutions for refugees, or find clean water solutions for those suffering droughts? Or perhaps your parents endured a long commute and that got you interested in rail or road networks such as cross-rail?

Where is your workplace? Are you office based, do you work from home, are you in manufacturing, based on site, or perhaps a combination of these?

What current research and development interests, inspires or excites you?

What keeps you engaged in your work? Is it problem solving, client / customer relations, or is it that your work improves the lives of (hundreds of) individuals? Are there any examples you can give?

What is there about what you do that makes you more than simply an engineer or scientist? Are you a STEM ambassador, do you attend or talk at conferences, do you complete associated charity work, are you part of any policy or organisational groups such as within the ICE or IET?


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