Profiling of women within civil engineering

As part of my HND I had to complete research and write a short report on a topic within the wide realm of civil engineering. I decided to write about the profiling of civil engineering in the media, focussing on the profiling of females.


At 6% there are simply too few females within engineering in the UK. Civil engineering is faring a little better at 10% membership, however this still demonstrates a large gender gap within the industry.

This report collates the facts of the current situation, both specifically in civil engineering, and the wider engineering industry. Focussing on specialist and national media outlets the profiling of females in the industry is analysed. There is also a focus on social media since this can both reinforce and challenge gender imbalances. The report concludes by providing recommendations for companies and individuals who wish to address the issue.

To read the report in full please click here.

This is still a work in progress, and won’t be submitted until 14.12.2015, so constructive criticism is welcome. If you want to contact me please use Facebook or Twitter.



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