Conference Keynote: Peter Head

peter-head“Peter Head is cited by Time magazine as one of 30 global eco-heroes.” That’s quite an accolade, and not undeserved.

The Sustainable Development Goals are targets that hundreds of countries around the world have agreed to (more info about these and implications in civil engineering in a future blog post). Peter Head was greatly involved in creating Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable and much of his work focuses on achieving this goal.

Peter believes that all design should take into account the environment in which it is placed. Within building work there are many systems which we interrupt, alter, and change: environmental, social, political, physical, psychological … the list goes on. Without considering the affects of all of these systems we cannot create truly sustainable design. He has set up a charity, The Ecological Sequestration Trust, which is collating every data set available (Europe wide!) that measures these factors. Right down to predicting future health or economic implications of a design. Not only that, but it will be available for FREE.

Read more… (it’s worth it!)


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