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My site is moving!

Hello all,

For those of you who subscribe to my blog, please take note it is moving to where you can continue to keep up to date with my blog posts. This week’s blog, and all future posts will be made on the new site, so please check it out!

Thanks all, Becky.


Amazing Christmas Glasses!

I came across this in the Christmas break and thought the glasses were awesome. I’ve been looking into kaleidoscopic glasses and diffraction glasses to try to understand how it works and here it is…

The science: The lens have tiny holes in the lens causing the light to bend. The holes have been formed as such so that the light bends to create a snowman shape.

However, why do the snowmen not appear to ‘jump’ from one hole to another in the lens? The gaps in the glasses are so small, and so close together, that they are indistinguishable to the human eye. Unfortunately for us our eyes can only process light at a certain speed. This is why when a car is travelling at a certain speed its wheels appear to turn slowly backwards, even though they are clearly rotating forwards.

Simple then? Please tweet or facebook me if you have any comments or questions. Enjoy your day!