New Years Honours

New Years Honours

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is looking forward to what the new year brings them, or at least what it brings once the hangover subsides…

With it being New Years Day it seemed appropriate to blog about the Women in STEM who have been awarded Honours this New Year’s. I wanted to know more about each individual so thought I’d research and add some flesh to their stories, allowing others to also find out more too. Rather than use titles or level of Honour to order them, I have simply ordered them by their surname:

Margherita Joan Biller; For services to Mathematics in Further Education. Margherita is Head of Mathematics at York College, and taught mathematics prodigy Daniel Lightwing, after whom the main character of the film A Brilliant Young Mind was modelled. (Yorkshire!)

Susan Elizabeth Black; For services to Technology. Susan is an Honorary Senior Research Associate in Computer Science at University College London. She is a computer coding activist, author of Saving Bletchley Park and participated in the BBC series ‘Girls can code‘.

Lynn Churchman; For services to Maths and Numeracy Education. Lynn has much experience in teaching mathematics and having worked across schools, local authorities and HMI she formed the National Mathematics Partnership which aims to further develop and improve mathematics education across the country.

Delinda Virginia Conlon; For services to Science and Science Education in North East England. Delinda is Chief Executive of the International Centre for Life. The centre aims to “ignite and nurture a curiosity in everyone for science, technology, engineering and maths and encourage the next generation of STEM professionals.”

Margaret Jane Dallman; For services to Bioscience. Margaret is the academic lead on the College’s Outreach Strategy and International relations at Imperial College London. Her academic interest focuses on Immunology.

Judith Elizabeth Hackitt; For services to Engineering and Health and Safety. Judith is chair of the Health and Safety Executive. She is an expertise in chemical engineering and is a fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Royal Academy of Engineering. Alongside her work for the Health and Safety Executive she also supports High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult, which bridges the gap between technological development and commercialisation and the Energy Saving Trust which helps support energy efficiency across all sectors.

Clare Elizabeth Harrigan; For services to Further Education and the Construction Industry. Clare is Head of Construction: Development and Asset Management at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, where she leads a number of new-build mixed tenure developments. She is also the Chair Governor for Leeds College of Building. (Yorkshire again!)

Georgina Mary Mace; For services to Science. Georgina is a Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystems and also Director of the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research at University College London. Her research focusses on the trends and consequences of biodiversity loss and ecosystem change.

Jaz Rabadia; For services to Sustainability in the Energy Management Sector and Diversity in the STEM Sectors. Jaz is a chartered energy manager and is currently the Senior Manager of Energy & Initiatives at Starbucks. Her professional work focusses on reducing the company’s demands on electricity, gas and water. Jaz also works with the Stemettes, a campaign to encourage more females into STEM careers.

Afsheen Kabir Rashid; For services to Renewable Energy Projects in Deprived London Communities. Afsheen is the co-founder of Repowering London, a not-for-profit that supports communities in South London develop community owned renewable energy development and generation.

Emily Fleur Shuckburgh; For services to Science and Public Communication of Science. Emily is a climate scientist and is deputy head of the Polar Oceans Team at the British Antarctic Survey, which is focused on understanding the role of the polar oceans in the global climate system. She is also undertaking work for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Lastly she is also a trustee for the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE).

Nina Maria Skorupska; For services to Renewables and Equality in the Energy Industry. Nina is an energy expert and is currently the chief executive of the Renewable Energy Association, which promotes the use of renewable energy within the UK. She is also a Non-executive director for the WISE campaign, supporting women in science and engineering.

Clare Frances Sutcliffe; For services to Technology Education. Clare is CEO and founder of Code Club, a networks of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for students aged 9-11 years old.

Kathleen Elizabeth Tanner; For services to Biomedical Engineering. Kathleen is a published author in Biomedical Engineering (and annoyingly elusive to my primitive use of Google for any more information).

Lesley Thompson; For services to Research. Lesley is Director of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. She is responsible for commissioning £740 million per year for research and postgraduate training in engineering and the physical sciences.

Joanna Marguerite Wardlaw; For services to Neuroimaging and Clinical Science. Joanna is professor of Applied Neuroimaging and is an Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist at the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian. She set up the Brain Research Imaging Centre in Edinburgh and is recognised for her brain scanning techniques in stroke patients.

Anne Catherine Wilson; For services to Engineering in Yorkshire. Anne is Managing Director of Numill Tooling Solutions in Sheffield (Yorkshire bias!) which reclaims, designs and manufactures tools around the world.

I hope you enjoy reading about these amazing women, as much as I did while putting together the blurbs and links for each of them. Hope your years starts off well and for those lucky not to already be back at work, enjoy the last few days before 4th Jan.